Do you yearn to express yourself freely through singing but find yourself held back? Are you eager to tell your own story by learning how to weave melody and lyrics together? Whether you're new to music or looking to deepen your existing skills, I'm here to help you bridge the gap!

I'm Hannah Sophia, a Teaching Artist with a rich and diverse skill set, offering heart-centered, compassionate coaching. I've guided hundreds of students of every age to cultivate and sustain enriching musical practices in their lives. 

A Teaching Artist, as the name suggests, embodies both the roles of a teacher and an artist. My work is deeply rooted in the arts and education, living at the intersection of pedagogy and artistry. This dual career not only allows me to write, record, and release my original music but also to connect others with the resources they need to realize their dreams. 

My Philosophy:

I am devoted to creating inclusive and compassionate spaces that recognize singing and songwriting as universal birthrights. I offer personalized private lessons, group lessons, workshops, clinics, and retreats, all designed to foster the safe exploration of singing, songwriting and self-expression within a supportive environment. 

My ultimate goal is to help you fully embrace and express your authentic self through life-affirming practices and creative self-expression. 

Are you interested in learning with me, attending my next show, or hearing my original music? You can find all the information you need below!


Questions? Call (801) 793-7252

Are you eager to unlock your innate creative potential? Do you yearn to express yourself freely through singing or to craft melodies and lyrics that tell your story? I'm here to guide you in unleashing your artistic potential! Explore my private lessons and upcoming offerings here.

Music & Gigs

Join me at a playful improvisatory shows or intimate house concerts by checking out my upcoming performances. Plus, stream past releases, where I entwine heartfelt lyrics into simple acoustic arrangements. Encouraging you to quiet your mind and connect with your heart.

Non Profit Work

The Creative Queer Collective is a non profit I co-founded that hosts sharing circles, workshops, retreats and discussion groups that center creativity, community and the queer expereince. You can learn more about our work and upcoming offerings here.

What Are People Saying?

I took vocal and songwriting lessons with Hannah and it was life-changing. I went from being unwilling to sing in front of even my partner, to singing songs I wrote myself on a stage in front of a room full of strangers!

Hannah is smart, kind, talented, trauma-informed, supportive of neurodivergence of all sorts, and just generally a fabulous person. If you have any interest in singing lessons, I highly recommend working with them.

             - Deanna D.

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