Original Music. Original Lyrics. Your Original Story.

Custom Songs

What if you could completely surprise someone you love with a truly magical and timeless gift that’s made just for them?


Let’s face it. It’s difficult to transcend and articulate the depth and dimension of your love for someone. Fortunately, Hannah can do that for you! With the power of music, lyrics and emotion infused together you can now give someone their very own custom love song on CD or MP3 written by Hannah Sophia.


Have a business, charity or dream? Hannah will write a song for that too! Even motivational speakers, business owners and authors..

Here’s How It Works

  1. Hannah will personally consult with you to determine the unique content, feel, and essence of your song. Think of this as a fun and casual interview where I get to know more about you, your loved one, and your personal love story.

  2. Then, Hannah will compose the melody of the song and write the lyrics. This is like a rough draft. She will contact you half way through the song. After you listen to the song, review the lyrics over email, and request any changes, Hannah will take the next step.

  3. Your song is recorded, edited, mixed and mastered in the recording studio.

  4. We will create a custom CD label with the name of the song and your words of dedication on the CD.

  5. We will gift wrap the hard copy CD, case and lyric sheet. Even better, we can add an exclusive music industry custom song plaque with the lyrics forever engraved with the CD to look just like a "platinum album" tribute. We will also send you an MP3 version of the song and you can give them the wrapped gift, or send them a surprise email with the MP3 included.

  6. Now for the best part! If you want to make this even more personal. Hannah will sing and unveil your love song LIVE at your wedding, engagement, or birthday celebration.. in front of your family and friends.

  7. You get showered with love, affection and appreciation. Trust us, we hear the amazing stories ALL the time… and witness a lot of happy tears.


We want you to be excited about the possibility of giving such a unique and beautiful gift. In fact, this is more than a gift, its an unforgettable experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives. 


I take a very limited number of clients per year, so plan ahead and reserve your order well in advance. Should you have any questions or simply want to get started, send an email to Hannahsophiamusic@gmail.com with “Custom Song” In the subject line.


Radio Quality Studio Version: $2500

***6 Month Installment Plan Available***


Hannah's Live Performance of the song at your event ($750). Air Fare & Hotel Paid separately if applicable.

Your CD & Song Lyrics forever engraved in an exclusive music industry plaque ($450)

Custom Music Videos with your Personal Pictures/Videos Integrated ($750)

Original Framed Handwritten draft of the song lyrics ($197)


Access to Copyright share and royalty benefits (Inquire if Interested.)

Hannah's autographed CD's "Say Hello" and "Seasons." (Included)