After successfully crowdfunding and releasing two major projects, I knew that being an independent artist was, truly, my dream job. So, being the big-hearted dreamer that I am, I started setting up every part of my life to make that dream a reality. Along the way, I even discovered a second great love: teaching others how to foster a relationship with their creativity!


Being an independent artist means I need to interact with my fans directly. To facilitate this, I started the Hannah Sophia Music Tribe, a free Facebook group, and The Demo Club, an exclusive club through Patreon. 

Through this journey, I've met so many new friends and created so much meaningful music. And the crazy thing is, that I know I'm just at the beginning!


Your direct support enables me to maintain my home studio, teach music lessons and monthly workshops, record and release two original songs every month through The Demo Club, release weekly covers on my Youtube channel, and interact with all of you everyday on my social media channels!


So where do I hope to go from here? I want to regularly make and release music videos, create exclusive merch and art, go on tour, and record and release my musical. (Yes, I'm writing a musical!) Not to mention, with your support, I can upgrade my studio equipment as needed and make even better music!


The sky's the limit!


Please consider becoming a patron today, I love connecting and sharing my music with you and every member counts!



Say Hello

Cortnie came to my studio with a cool and collected aura. Every time she shared her lyrics I was overwhelmed by the depth and rawness. She had a gift for weaving words into beautiful portraits of the human experience.  


Over time, a rhythm developed between us. Cortnie would bring her prose, and I’d bring the music. Together we’d build a home for the songs to live in.


Our EP 'Say Hello', explores depression, through the lens of relationships, and invites listeners to stop and smell the roses. 

When we moved to Oregon, I discovered a competition called Make A Band. It sounded fun, and I was new in town, so I decided to audition. I became the lead singer of The Bland Tangerines. We had six weeks to prepare and perform a twenty-minute set of original songs. At the final showcase, we won 'Best Original Song' and got the chance to record Drink The Punch at Gung Ho Studio with the legendary Billy Barnett. 

Drink The Punch

I love creativity in all its forms and I have been blessed to express myself through music, words and art. Seasons, my first project, is a perfect example of this. It is an interactive experience as each song is accompanied by a piece of art and a story. (Available exclusively in The Demo Club.) You can see the original Kickstarter campaign and learn more about this project here.


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